Contribute to the creation of a new typeface, Villa Eventual, by imagining future potential steps of our alphabet’s evolution. Select letters in the list and start drawing using the cursor of your mouse.

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Exploration into the future of typographic forms
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Draw here with your mouse cursor.

A year ago, Villa Gillet, an international multidisciplinary center, introduced the Villa, a new typeface, designed by le Combo with two styles: the Regular,whose shapes are based on typographic archetypes and the Irregular, its italic which gets its curves from atypical models that never became standards. Both offer a look on this discipline’s history.

This year, you are invited to participate in the creation of a style : a bold version, named Éventuel, whose form will attest explorations into the future of our alphabet’s construction. Because, if at the scale of a lifetime, our writing system can seem unalterable, it is actually the result of thousands of years of constant transformation. Thus, it is likely that in another thousand years, our letters will have undergone a few mutations!

It’s your turn now to imagine the future potential steps of this evolution, by drawing the letters of your choice. All the collected proposals will be used as a base for the design of a new typeface: the Villa Éventuel.

lulu le 23-09-2019
Allah-Jupiter, dit le druide eschatologique le 05-09-2019
Ah ! Je suis pleinement heureux.se d'être tombé par hasard sur ce site ; en effet, depuis, ayant mis ma psychose à contribution du progrès, je sens en moi un élan nouveau, pulsionnel, dynosiaque, je me sens revivre, et ai même arrêté mes neuroleptiques ! (et d'ailleurs, ça se sent : je n'ai jamais autant imaginé.e de nouvelles lettres pour le nouvel alphabet cosmico-inclusif du progrès depuis la fin de mon traitement) A bas l'ordre ! Vive le chaos et les individu.e.s.x.* libéré.e.s.x.* !
Melloja le 03-07-2019
I've done some more contributions to some letters.
Basset Bien le 20-03-2019
Après les grandes catastrophes mondiales liées au climat, le monde s’est lentement remis de ces événements. Les hommes ayant survécu ont redécouvert l’histoire, les sciences et la culture. Ainsi, ils fondèrent l’Empire, un immense royaume où un Dieu-Roi règne, non pas dans la terreur mais dans une paix religieuse. Cet Empire possède les technologies actuelles et futures, mais se retrouve avec le style architectural et typographique gothique, mais mélangé aux styles et typographies d’avant catastrophe. Une de ces typographies est la typographie officielle de ce nouveau monde.
laura le 19-03-2019
Etienne le 18-03-2019
Le monde a finalement survécu à la catastrophe climatique qui s’annonçait. Libéré du capitalisme, le mondese veut plus libre, équitable et porté sur les individus et l’environnement. Aux alentours de 2070, les moeurs se sont adaptés à cette façon de vivre, et un nouveau courant typographique apparaît alors, portant toutes ces valeurs.
Jay W. Mellor (Jayem/Melloja) le 23-02-2019
Contributed to some more... // J'ai contributée PLUS les lettres!
Jim Parrillo le 05-02-2019
I believe several factors will lead to dramatic letterform changes coming from the United States: 1. Handwriting is no longer taught in American primary schools. 2. American schools have rapidly bought into the use of computers for education. 3. Typing on devices will far outpace any writing in teh general population This will lead to several tangible changes in letterforms. I can foresee that there will develop two major latin alphabet styles: one for keyboards and one written by hand. Letterforms for keyboards will likely remain intact as they are because there has been a great amount of "editing" over the years already and standards have been reinforced by daily use. However, letterforms for handwriting will likely undergo a massive change in one or more of the following ways: 1. A swift decline in letterform quality as people are no longer writing by hand as fine motor skills will be underdeveloped and there will be long term effects of muscle atrophy in hands from lack of use. 2. Letterforms will likely take on a much more angular form as smooth strokes will be difficult to execute and gross motor skills will be used instead. 3. Capitalization and punctuation will eventually be eliminated altogether and seen as unnecessary. This will result in a unicase alphabet that emphasizes expediency in letterform writing.
Sylvain le 31-01-2019
J'ai fait des jolies lettres (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧
Jay W. Mellor (Jayem/Melloja) le 25-01-2019
...and some others that I have made. Check it out! ...et les autres qui j'ai fait. Regardez les lettres !
Jay Mellor le 25-01-2019
I have contributed to the lowercase letter "R"! This thing is good... Waow ! J'ai contribué à la lettre minuscule « R ». L' Éventuel est bon pour cette chose. :-)
wolf cave in da game le 24-01-2019
anonyme le 17-12-2018
J'ai cassé le site...